If You Build It...

Richard Petty has been in the businesses of cars and speed since childhood. For over 60 years, as "The King" cultivated a career of unmatched excellence in NASCAR, his Level Cross, North Carolina garages and shops constructed some of the most legendary and well-engineered stockcars in the history of the sport.

When the team moved to Mooresville, North Carolina in December 2007, the Level Cross garages, once teeming with the energy of more than 200 employees, fell strangely silent.

New Era, Same Winning Tradition

In just a matter of months, "The King" set plans in motion for a new facility, and in June 2008, Petty's Garage was born. Restoration began on racecar chassis from Petty's private collection, which set abuzz the custom and collector car market.

The employees of Petty's Garage are currently bringing "The King's" winning tradition to a wide variety of high performance automobiles from production-based Richard Petty Signature Series Challengers to custom Dodge LX and LC chassis builds.

If you dream it, Petty's Garage can build it.

Beyond the Racetrack

Petty's Garage employees are more than racecar mechanics. Whether they view building, maintaining, and restoring performance cars as hobbies, second jobs, or simply a passion, the mechanics and engineers of Petty's Garage know what it takes to make a car great.

A Personal Touch

At Petty's Garage, building your dream is personal. This means that their work is always completed in-house. Whether the job requires heavy fabrication, welding, transmissions, gears, cut axels, hand fabrication, roll cages, custom floor pans, rear tubs, or custom paint, your vision begins and ends with the Petty's Garage team.

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