March 24, 2020

“43 Crew Challenge” Presented by U.S. Air Force

43crew challenge logo



There are 12 available slots in an online Mario Kart race.  Bubba Wallace + 5 Richard Petty Motorsports crew members will compete against 6 fans using Nintendo Switch gaming consoles.

There will be a tournament event every Thursday night (starting this week on 3/26) at 8:00 pm et for 4 consecutive weeks (ending 4/16).  Each tournament will be set to last 1 hour.



  • – 6v6 – Two teams of six players will compete for total points. Bubba and RPM crew members will be a team, 6 selected fans will be the second team.
  • – Private lobby – Our team will set up a private password-protected lobby so that only selected fans with the password will be eligible to join and compete.
  • – One-hour time limit – Gameplay will be set up to include as many races as possible within a 1 hour time period.
  • – Points are earned at the end of each race depending on the players’ finishing position. Team points are calculated by combining all team members earned points at the conclusion of the 1-hour period.


Fan Incentives:

  • Regardless of which team is the overall winner, the 2 highest performing fans in the first 3 races will move on to the final event, completing the 6 fan field.
  • Each week, the highest performing fan will win a USAF-themed prize pack that will be shipped to them at a later date.



RPM team:

  • Darrell “Bubba” Wallace, Jr.
  • Joey Forgette – No. 43 car chief
  • James Houk – No. 43 pit crew (tire carrier)
  • Mike Riggs – No. 43 shock specialist
  • Erik Davis – No. 43 engine tuner
  • Ricky Garcia – No. 43 interior specialist