May 20, 2016

Richard Petty Motorsports and U.S. Air Force Partner for NASCAR Research

Air Force Cadette Release

Two Air Force engineers work to innovate on Aric Almirola’s No. 43 Ford Fusion

\r\nFor the first time ever, Richard Petty Motorsports will partner with two U.S. Air Force Academy engineering students to conduct research and develop innovative new strategies during the summer portion of the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series season. The students will use their background and Air Force training to take a fresh approach to NASCAR competition with a goal to improve performance on track for the No. 43 Ford, driven by Aric Almirola.\r\n\r\nCadet Sean McQuesten, a Mechanical Engineering student, will focus on the structural elements of the No. 43 Ford. He will have the chance to apply some of the same innovative modeling and software used on Air Force aircraft to optimize the No. 43 Ford.\r\n\r\nCadet William Ferrer brings both his Aeronautical Engineering and B-1 Bomber Crew Chief experience to the partnership. He’s had the chance to work with the Air Force’s high tech, supersonic capable, B-1 Bomber and understand how multiple engineering systems work together. He will be gathering data and conducting performance tests on the No. 43 car in a full-scale wind tunnel.\r\n\r\nRichard Petty Motorsports and Almirola continue their commitment to winning and work diligently to continue the winning tradition of the Petty legacy. Richard Petty Motorsports features a world-class roster of Fortune 500 partners and their family demeanor, patriotism and commitment is a great fit for the Air Force.\r\n\r\n”I’m humbled to be chosen for this opportunity to partner with NASCAR and the chance to draw from my experience as a B-1 Crew Chief and an Aeronautical Engineer at the Air Force Academy,” said Cadet William Ferrer.\r\n\r\n”We are constantly working on getting better and building faster racecars,” said Vice President, Competition Sammy Johns. “Our relationship with the Air Force provides a natural partnership to think outside of the box and utilize practices from the Air Force that can not only benefit the Cadets with hands-on experience but help us look at the racecar from a different perspective. We have a very experienced engineering staff that will provide both Cadets with a great experience to further their career in the Air Force.”\r\n

McQuesten will join the team for a one-month internship starting May 23, while Ferrer joins the team for a one-month internship starting June 5th. Both will join the team at-track throughout their experience.