July 1, 2021

Car Culture with Erik Jones Presented by STP – Episode 1

We all know Erik Jones the race car driver, but what about Erik Jones the car collector and enthusiast? Welcome to a new six-part series: Car Culture with Erik Jones Presented by STP! Richard Petty Motorsports and STP have partnered to bring you an inside look at different aspects car culture through the eyes of Erik Jones, driver of the No. 43 Chevrolet in the NASCAR Cup Series.

To kick off this series, Erik gives a tour of his 3 classic Chevrolet Corvettes. Erik and Corvettes go way back, as his family once owned and operated Corvette parts business in Michigan. Represented in this video are 3 different early generations of the Corvette. Erik explains the similarities and differences of each, as well as the personal meaning behind why these three vehicles were added to his collection.