April 7, 2016

NASCAR’s Original Cowboy: The King

Welcome to the Richard Petty Motorsports blog! Here at Richard Petty Motorsports we want to bring you, the fans, into our world: the world of racing. We will follow the royal family of NASCAR, the most historical team and its members, and bring you insights no one else can!\r\n\r\nThis week our drivers are making their way to the Lone Star State at Texas Motor Speedway. Like Martinsville last week, there is a very distinct trophy. When you make your way to Victory Lane at Texas Motor Speedway you are given a cowboy hat, making the winning driver a true cowboy for the day. Here at RPM, we like to think we know the original cowboy of NASCAR…\r\n\r\nRP at PG\r\n\r\nEveryone knows the signature Western looked rocked by Richard “The King” Petty each and every day. What many people don’t know is how he acquired this look, and all of the details and people that go into making this look so unique. From head to toe, each item that goes into “The King’s” look is exclusive and tailored just for him.\r\n\r\nThe King’s crown, better known as a cowboy hat, is made in Garland, Texas. “Richard’s hat is made in such a detail-oriented environment that about 100 people will touch the hat before it makes it to his head,” says Kaci Riggs, Director of Product Development at Hatco. “Pay attention to the details in his hats because no two are the same.” The decoration on the hat is often made from rabbit, beaver, snake skin, rattle snake rattles, and quail feathers. Many of the feathers on the hat are from quails that “The King” has killed himself on hunts. The hat goes through the usual stiffening, pressing, and finishing process, but has one extra step. A special paper is fanned all over the hat to give it a velvety feel and look. So how did Richard Petty begin wearing his signature cowboy hat? Rumor has it, two sponsors called on “The King” to wear two different hats at the same time. He came up with an easy solution and decided to not wear either sponsors’ hats. Instead, he grabbed a cowboy hat that had no logos or sponsor names on it. The hat was a perfect fit, and the look was born.\r\n\r\n buy Viagra http://www.wolfesimonmedicalassociates.com/viagra/INDIANAPOLIS, IN - JULY 26: NASCAR Hall-of-Famer Richard Petty looks on in the garage area during practice for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Crown Royal Presents The John Wayne Walding 400 at the Brickyard Indianapolis Motor Speedway on July 26, 2014 in Indianapolis, Indiana. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)\r\n\r\nThe story behind the signature shades of “The King” isn’t as peculiar as his hat, but it does have an entertainment factor. Petty began wearing sunglasses for the same reason many of us do, to protect our eyes from the brightness of the sun. However, over time, he became so reliant on these glasses that his eyes began to become more and more sensitive to the sun, eventually requiring him to wear these dark glasses. When Marcos Ambrose parted ways with Richard Petty Motorsports, “The King” gave him a parting gift. Unfortunately, he did not pay close attention to his order, and gave Ambrose a pair of prescription sunglasses in which he could not see out of!\r\n\r\nRichard Petty’s over-sized belt buckle is truly fit for a king. The only other belts that rival his in size are ones given away after a boxing, UFC, or WWE championship fight. Petty’s large belt buckles are made by a company that is a household name; Jostens. This company is better known for yearbooks, graduation caps and gowns, and class rings. Very few people know they were once big into the belt buckle industry, and shifted gears when the class ring and yearbook business took off. Many of their belt buckle customers have adopted new manufacturers for their buckles, but not “The King.” Each belt buckle he wears is still made by Jostens.\r\n\r\nCHARLOTTE, NC - MAY 17: A detail view of Richard Petty, NASCAR hall of famer's, belt buckle during qualifying for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Sprint All-Star Race at Charlotte Motor Speedway on May 17, 2014 in Charlotte, North Carolina. (Photo by Jared C. Tilton/NASCAR via Getty Images)\r\n\r\nThe final piece of this look is of course, the famous cowboy boots. His boots are hand-crafted in Ft. Worth Texas at M.L. Leddy’s. “The King’s” boots are not like any other boots one could buy in a store. These are made based on a mold of his foot. These boots are made from only the most durable of leathers and made to stretch and are easy to clean “The King” has worn these boots ever since he was behind the wheel of the car racing, and has perfected walking in these heavy shoes. “It’s funny to see him walk in tennis shoes,” says Lance Brown, VP of Marketing Services and Communications at Richard Petty Motorsports. “He is so used to walking heel-first in his boots, that his feet just kind of flop when he’s in regular shoes.” Whenever “The King” wears out the soles of his boots, he ships them back to Texas to be re-soled instead of purchasing a new pair. Petty has put so many walking miles on his boots that he has had to have them re-soled twice over the last few years. Truly, his boots are made for walkin’!\r\n\r\n Modafinil online http://www.buymodafinilonlinefast.com/At Black Box Studio/CIA Studio in Harrisburg, North Carolina on March 1, 2016. CIA Stock Photo\r\n\r\nIt is not just the look of Western culture that Petty has adopted. He and his late-wife, Lynda, loved everything about the West. They purchased a mountain top home in Wyoming, where the drivers and some staff of Richard Petty Motorsports visit each year. This mountain top oasis is also where the Petty family spends their time around Christmas each season [check out the RPM Blog from March 17th for details on the trip here!] “The King” also has a log cabin on his property, Reverie Place, in North Carolina. This cabin sits on a large pond, and is used for weddings and group gatherings as a place to step back in time.\r\n\r\nPetty also has buffalo and a Texas Longhorn on his property in North Carolina. Each animal on his property is named after one of his children, in-laws, or grandchildren. As Petty was going through and naming his buffalo, he ordered ranch hand, Doug Stamey, to go out and purchase more buffalo so he could complete the family. What Stamey didn’t know was he had purchased a male and female buffalo which meant Petty’s daughter, Sharon, still didn’t have an animal named after her. After a third round of purchases, Sharon finally had a buffalo to carry on her name. Unfortunately, this buffalo quickly became diseased and passed away, once again leaving Sharon with no animal. This is now a running joke in the family, and continues to entertain everyone who hears the story.\r\n\r\nThe next time “The King” is stomping around the track, take a closer look to the details in his outfit. You will see all of the work that goes into perfecting such a look!\r\n\r\nRP Brown Vest