Mechanix Wear

For over twenty years, Mechanix Wear has produced high performance work gloves and accessories for the automotive, construction, emergency services, garden, oil, tactical, and racing industries. Its gloves are designed to enhance comfort, resist wear, and withstand extreme temperatures. Mechanix Gloves are “The Tool That Fits Like a Glove.”\r\n\r\nWith their motto, “Our heart is in racing, but our hands are everywhere,” Mechanix has cultivated a strong relationship with NASCAR, and their carefully engineered gloves and other products have improved pit crews’ safety and performance. In 1991, several members of the #3 GM Goodwrench team wore a prototype of Mechanix Wear gloves. Today, pit crews can choose from Mechanix’s 77 different models of gloves that offer advanced materials and technologies. Each year, Mechanix gives out a Mechanix Wear Most Valuable Pit Crew (MVPC) Award to the crew with the most consistent performance under varied track conditions.\r\n\r\nMechanix is proud to have its roots in racing and to partner with the ultimate pioneer of the sport, Richard Petty, and with the Richard Petty Driving Experience.\r\n\r\nVisit for more information.